The position of a truck is an important information for optimal control of the supply chain in civil engineering and road construction. The trucks of many construction and logistics companies are already equipped with on-board computers that send the position of the truck in real time to a fleet management system. This position data can be made available for display and evaluation in BPO via interfaces.

Are you thinking about integrating your fleet into BPO or do you have a logistics partner whose position data you would like to see in BPO?
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Fleet Management Systems
The gallery below is only a small excerpt of the fleet management systems with which BPO has interfaces.

Logistics companies with BPO interfaces
The position data of the following transport and construction companies are already integrated in BPO and can be made available to your construction site after approval by the respective company (excerpt):

Ahrens Transport und Handel (Stadthagen)
Georg Buddenkotte (Velen)
Johann Bunte Logistik (Papenburg)
DFA Transport und Logistik (Ronneburg)
Erdtrans (Zossen)
Fahrner Bauunternehmung (Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg)
Guggenberger (Mintraching)
Wilhelm Jost (Weilmünster)
Mimberg Spedition & Baustoffe (Werl)
Günter Papenburg (Hannover)
Otto Morof Spedition (Althengstett)
Rask Brandenburg (Hoppegarten)
Schmitt Peterslahr (Peterslahr)
Servitra (Nordhausen)
Stricker Baustoffe (Mettmann)
Josef Wirsdörfer (Dortmund)

Interface to coat thickness measuring apparatus