An excerpt of our clients who committed themselves contractually to BPO:

BPO is in use in more than 12 countries. Our clients add up to 500 paving crews and more than 5.000 construction managers. BPO is used by more clients than all existing competitors together.

Our clients about BPO:

  • In the optimisation of processes we see a competitive advantage. BPO is an important step in the direction of a digital site.

    Michael Weber, CEO 
    WOLFF & MÜLLER GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

  • BIM will change road construction. With BPO we are already preparing ourselves for future demands, especially for our logistics processes.

    Helmut Renze, CEO
    JOHANN BUNTE GmbH & Co. KG Papenburg

  • The preparation is faster and more efficient with BPO, the projects run smoothly. The communication is more relaxed.

    Jochen Wachenfeld-Teschner, CEO
    J.WACHENFELD GmbH & Co. KG Korbach

  • With BPO we improve our organisation during the paving process and achieve an increase in quality and reduced cost.

    Robert Fahrner jun., CEO
    FAHRNER BAU GmbH, Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg

  • Even planning complex sites - either small or large sites - is done with BPO in no time.

    Hans-Georg Stutz, CEO
    Stutz GmbH, Kirchheim

  • BPO relieves our workload, so we can concentrate fully on what is important: the site.

    Ottmar Wilhelm Schütz, CEO
    W. SCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG, Weilburg-Gaudernbach

  • With BPO we can make the step to Industry 4.0, because now everyone involved in the project is fully informed about the site's progress.

    Bernd Malcharek, CEO
    RASK GmbH, Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten

  • BPO helps us to improve the quality of our sites and makes the process chain, down to the accounting, more efficient.

    Swen Meier, Technical Manager
    ROHDE GmbH, Korbach