You have been working with BPO for several years and want to digitalise all processes throughout the company? Are you increasingly receiving new requirements for digitalisation from your clients (QSBW 4.0, QAA)? Do you have unanswered questions and want to use the full BPO potential? Then get to know all the new BPO functions and enhancements now and find out how complex digitalisation challenges can be solved even more easily thanks to BPO. Find out how you can use BPO to meet the current requirements of clients in terms of process documentation and logistics control.


  • One-day BPO refreshment for BPO ASPHALT, BPO Lite & BPO EINSATZPLANUNG
  • Complete system demonstration: construction planning, takt planning, real-time and analysis
  • Preliminary with CAD module, mass determination, daily lot formation, takt planning
  • Meeting road authority requirements with BPO
  • Exchange of experience and planning of one of your problem construction sites
  • Coordinating resources in the company, scheduling machines
  • Integration of the foreman via smartphone into the job planning process


  • Refresh knowledge and get to know new BPO modules such as BPO Lite, BIM or CAD.
  • Learn from experience and drive digitalisation further
  • Implement the knowledge gained directly in everyday life and on the construction site
  • Tips and tricks with the new system modules


Specialists and executives from all areas of the construction industry such as managing directors, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, in particular construction managers, foremen, master builders as well as from the field of raw material companies such as managing directors, plant managers, mixing and weighing masters, planners as well as representatives of building owners.
  • Our work preparation and execution will significantly with BPO.

    René Bayer, Senior Construction Manager

  • Great Workshop – finally theres a functioning system for road construction.

    Marco Eichele, Construction Manager

  • For us theres no alternative other than digitisation.

    Eric Gerste, Junior Construction Manager

  • Great day with a lot of positive impressions - we had fun!

    Nikolai Symanski, Construction Manager