Execution, analysis and optimisation for the preparation process

With our Process Planning Service we routinely conduct construction planning for you. Further we plan the respective construction process after the just-in-time principle and coordinate it with everyone involved in the project. the focus is on routine execution of planning services like the establishment of paving and logistic connects. Use our experience in the sector of process optimisation and relieve the construction management during bottlenecks. On request we also offer further services like components of project management or the entire logistics management on site during the execution.


  • Creation of the paving and logistics concept
  • Construction execution and cycle planning of the construction process
  • Extensive weak point analysis
  • Coordination of the planning results with parties involved in the process (on request)
  • Managing the construction processes on site (on request)
  • Taking over further components of the project management (on request)


  • Achieving the documentation requirements of the client
  • Relief for the construction management during high season
  • Capacity utilisation during performance bottlenecks
  • Lowering construction time, reducing cost, increasing quality
  • Implementation of efficient planning tools and simulations to help with the optimisation
  • Integration of specialist knowledge in your standard processes