Learn how the construction process can be controlled in real-time and document your construction sites according to the quality requirements. You carry out the material consumption control and calculate the remaining quantity. With the message function, you will learn how to coordinate the entire information flow between construction site, truck logistics and mixing plants and how to create entries for the construction diary for documentation purposes. You will learn how to adjust the takt statically or dynamically and how to determine the optimum paving parameters for the following day.


  • One-day BPO user training for asphalt sets & mixing plant crews
  • Controlling construction sites in real time: Major projects & small construction sites
  • Record delivery notes in the system, document paving, also according to quality requirements
  • Enter stationing, carry out material consumption control
  • Calculate the remaining quantity and coordinate with the mixing plant
  • Adapt takt specifications, coordinate transfer processes
  • Adjust the planning for the following day and determine number of trucks
  • Track trucks in real time via smartphone app via GPS


  • Understand and practice the functions of the real-time system
  • Use your knowledge in daily life directly on the construction site
  • Tips and tricks for the use of BPO on the construction site and at the mixing plant
  • Use the full potential of BPO and integrate it into your daily process

Target audience:

Specialists and managers of all sectors of construction as well as managers, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, especially construction managers, foremen, paving specialists and directors, machine managers, mixing plant operators, masters of the weighing bridge, dispatcher and client representatives from the resources sector.
  • BPO helps us to work more efficiently.

    Thorsten Eberhardt, Foreman

  • Clear and well structured Training – Keep it up!

    Enrico Jersan, Foreman

  • BPO is a standard asset for us.

    Felix M. Fisher, Foreman

  • Fantastic Training - BPO just works for us!

    Jan Pfeifer, Foreman