Process Training

Interactive Workshop with a simulation of the paving process on a model site.

Learn to apply the Just-in-time-concept on your site in practical and clear way. From planning to construction. During the theoretical part of the training we work on the just-in-time planning methods and the paving process gets planned in small groups.
While we simulate the paving process on our true to scale model site in the practical part of the training. The entire process chain from mixing plant through logistics to paving is recreated in the simulation. Planning parameters can be determined directly on the model site and can be taken into account during the optimisation of the process chain.Experience how new planning methods affect the model site and how the vision of a lean site and be realised through Lean Construction.


  • Two Day Management-Workshop
  • Lean Construction: Introduction into process optimisation
  • PavingProcessSystem: The Lean-Principles related to Paving
  • Scheduling: Paving schedule, Quantity Determination, Clocking
  • Workshop: Detailed Planning by the Just-in-time-Principles
  • Simulation: Interactive Model Site for Paving
  • Practical examples from road construction
  • Sucess factors in a project based approach
  • Tips & Tricks in process Optimisation


  • Raise optimisation potential in paving
  • Shorten the construction process, minimise idle time for trucks</öo>
  • Improve quality and reduce mistakes
  • Generate Competitive advantages

Target group:

Specialists and managers of all sectors of construction as well as managers, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, especially construction managers, foremen, paving specialists and directors, machine managers, mixing plant operators, masters of the weighing bridge, dispatcher and client representatives from the resources sector.

Attendance fee:

The attendance fee amounts to 990,00 € and includes the two-day-training, training documents, lunch and dinner as well as refreshments for both days. All costs plus 19% VAT. Secure your early bookers deal of 100,00 € until 01.12.2018.
  • Definitely useful during daily construction work!

    Stefan Krume, Paving Master 

  • Opens up new horizons!

    Ferdinand Letsch, Construction Manager 

  • BPO makes the optimisation of construction process easier!

    Reinhold Höfle 
    Wolff & Müller

  • Exciting Seminar!

    Albert Lust, Construction Manager 

  • The result is a construction process that uses resources more efficiently.