The successful transformation to a construction company of the future.

The Construction Process System is your way to a sustainable transformation of your entire company. It does not matter whether you are specialised on Asphalt paving, canalisation or railway construction, milling or another trade. Based on your core competency a pilot process is identified and adjusted. In addition to that we work on individual process solution with you. This will be tested on site in the pilot projects.Then the developed pilot process is implemented as a new standard through the company and trained with your staff. The result is a sustainable competitive advantage. This is ensured through the systematic multi level process. In the following you find a excerpt of the methods we successfully implement with our clients since the foundation of our company.


  • Basis training and training the employees in lean methodology
  • Analyses of the pilot process and establishing of the current state
  • Workshop based redesign of the processes in collaboration with the employees
  • Practical test of the jointly developed process in the pilot project
  • Roll-out the process standards as well as conducting the training program the staff
  • Train-the-Trainer course to long-term anchoring of the lean methods in the organisation


  • Reaching sustainable competition advantages
  • Shorten the construction period, increase quality and reduce cost
  • Determining and exploiting optimisation potential
  • Optimising processes on your own
  • Implementing the continuous improvement process
  • Establish digitising statistics and build a consistent IT infrastructure