Changes to the schedule are always time-consuming. Any postponement leads to changes in the schedules of all personnel and machines involved. With BPO RESOURCES, these manual adjustments and a large part of the coordination effort is reduced to a minimum. All processes, whether asphalt or civil engineering, are displayed in a multi-project view. Machines can be assigned to projects. Double assignments are immediately visible. Projects can be moved with one click. Follow-up changes are no longer necessary as all schedules are automatically updated. The foremen receive their new schedule directly on their smartphone. Coordination in civil engineering and road construction has never been so easy.


  • Enter projects and order data
  • Register site requirements
  • Personnel and machinery planning
  • Trigger material purchase order
  • Transfer of application data to the foreman on the construction site
  • Enter resource status
  • Fill in daily report and submit working times
  • Draw up a cost report


  • Centrally coordinate employees, assignments and resources in a multi-project view
  • Identify bottlenecks and resolve scheduling conflicts centrally in the scheduling department
  • Real-time recording of construction site data and preparation of the daily construction report
  • Data transfer to disposition and payroll accounting for further processing

Target audience:

Specialists and managers of all sectors of construction as well as managers, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, especially construction managers, foremen, paving specialists and directors, machine managers, mixing plant operators, masters of the weighing bridge, dispatcher and client representatives from the resources sector.