Industry 4.0 – A Network of mixing plant, logistics and construction site in real time.

With a pilot project you put new performance on the road. With our planning and real time system BPO the construction process is planned during the preparation phase. Following the just-in-time principle, the whole logistics segment gets cycled and the target requirements are determined for all involved in the project. During the execution mixing plant, truck logistics and the site are all part of the network and the actual data is matched to the target specification in real time. We are happy to support you on site with our experienced consultants and coach your system users in the use of the new digital media. Line construction as well as motorways, small sites within cities in the sector of asphalt, concrete, milling or earthwork, are suited for a pilot project.


  • Work preparation and execution of the planning of logistics and cycles
  • Documentation of the project progress on site
  • Coordination of the logistics and mass fluxes in real time
  • Training of the team on site in using the system
  • Evaluation of the construction project, identification of potential, data preparation
  • Presenting results, presentation in front of the project team and the management


  • Reduction of idle time, rising productivity, reduction of cost, increasing quality
  • Transparent planning and support during execution
  • Documentation of the entire construction progress, weak point analysis and determination of potential
  • Definition of short and long-term optimising measured
  • Quantification of financial saving potentials (on request)
  • Basis for the implementation of a continuous improvement process