The quality requirements in road construction are increasing. For some time now, projects with additional documentation requirements have been put out to tender with the aim of improving the quality of road construction. The additional requirements include, for example, the documentation of temperature values of the hot asphalt mix, the pass counting of the rollers up to additional sensor and machine parameters. These increased requirements present construction companies with new challenges that have to be solved.
To enable the numerous BPO system users to meet the new documentation requirements, new functions have been added to BPO and bundled under the powerful QUATTRO brand. QUATTRO stands for quality road construction through temperature documentation and transport logistics optimisation.
Loading Temperature<br>Cooling Model

Loading Temperature
Cooling Model

Automatic or Manual Temperature monitoring
Intelligent Threshold Supervision
Real-time Transmission to the Foreman
Calculation of the Expected Unloading Temperature through Cooling-AI
Warning at Critical Temperatures

Logistics Optimisation<br>Truck Re-Routing

Logistics Optimisation
Truck Re-Routing

Dynamic route calculation
Constant Recalculation of the Arrival Time
Bypassing Traffic jams and Congested Traffic
Consideration of Truck Access Restrictions
Real-time information to the Construction Site

Quality Management<br>Laboratory

Quality Management

Recording of Measured Values via App
Calculation of the Degree of Compression
Display of the Values for the Foreman
Automatic Sending of the Test Reports



Automatic Booking of Unloading
Integration of Pass counting Systems
Integration of Thermography
Many other sensors

QUATTRO turns BPO into a fully integrated platform for asphalt road construction, which not only documents but also optimises processes and achieves demonstrable savings potential. Existing customers will have the opportunity to test QUATTRO free of charge until the end of June 2019.