Review of your construction processes from planning to execution.

Within the Process Analysis we examine your processes and endurance test them. In a detailed analysis using Process Mapping we are testing administrative as well as operative processes on resilience and stability. On top of that we conduct extensive analysis during work preparation and on site. The yielded data points out potential for improvement. From those we will derive alternatives of action, defining concrete measures of improvement and reviewed in context.


  • Documentation of the planning and construction process
  • Analysis of the construction progress on site
  • Extensive weak point analysis
  • Determination of actual performance data on site
  • Identification and determining improvement potential
  • Classification and comparison of the yielded data with reference projects (Benchmarking)


  • Detailed analysis of process sequences
  • Revealing potentials in the construction preparation and execution
  • Support during the continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Determination of short and long-term optimising measures
  • Quantification of financial saving potentials (on request)
  • Comparison in relation to the competition (Benchmarking)