BPO Site Manager Training

Planning for small and complex sites and large construction projects with BPO.

Learn to use BPO to its fullest potential and how to prepare sites with compact asphalt, from small and complex sites to large construction projects, with the help of BPO. Generate the paving and logistics concept at the push of a button as per the requirements of the client and use the logistics chain to capacity with our BPO real time system.


  • One-day training course with BPO
  • Plan sites with BPO: Line construction and small sites
  • Measuring, mass determination, daily batch formation, clocking
  • Prepare small urban sites perfectly
  • Bulk clocking and using the logistic chain to the fullest
  • Compact asphalt sites: planning the just-in-time sequence
  • Coordinate resources and plan machines in your company
  • Supervise the paving process with a smartphone in real time


  • Understand and apply clocking principles
  • Deepen your knowledge and use BPO to the fullest
  • Use taught knowledge on site
  • Tips and tricks for using BPO on site

Target group:

Specialists and managers of all sectors of construction as well as managers, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, especially construction managers, foremen, paving specialists and directors, machine managers, mixing plant operators, masters of the weighing bridge, dispatcher and client representatives from the resources sector.

Attendance fee:

The attendance fee amounts to 690,00 € and includes the training, training documents and lunch as well as refreshments. All costs plus 19% VAT. Secure your early booker deal of 50,00 € until 01.12.2018.


Alternatively the seminary can be hosted as a Inhouse Event on your premises. The attendance fee amounts 1.990,00 € and includes the preparation, travel, the one-day seminary and seminary documents.
  • Our work preparation and execution will significantly with BPO.

    René Bayer, Senior Construction Manager

  • Great Workshop – finally theres a functioning system for road construction.

    Marco Eichele, Construction Manager

  • For us theres no alternative other than digitisation.

    Eric Gerste, Junior Construction Manager

  • Great day with a lot of positive impressions - we had fun!

    Nikolai Symanski, Construction Manager