The BPO Technology Day takes place in cooperation with our licensees and system users. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the experience they have gained with BPO and learn about the possibilities to optimise their processes within the company and to implement BIM in a practical way. As part of the BPO Technology Day, partner companies such as DYNAPAC, RIB and BOMAG regularly present new modules and functions. Guest lectures by our customers will give you an insight into everyday construction practice and the current state of the art.


  • BPO INFRA PREMIERE: Presentation of the BPO ASPHALT follow-up system
  • For the first time: Digitization of all construction processes in civil engineering
  • QUATTRO: Pass counting of the rollers, thermography, dynamic truck routing, traffic jam data etc.
  • Electronic delivery bill in real-time system
  • Implement BIM-to-field and field-to-BIM with BPO CAD
  • Optimization of construction logistics through e.g. GPS tracking
  • Better coordination of all operations
  • More efficient utilization of resources
  • New technical innovations in asphalt road construction
  • Implementation of road construction 4.0 in the company
  • Practical examples from traffic route construction
  • Exchange of experience with BPO system users


  • Digitalisation of processes
  • Better coordination of all operations and resources
  • More efficient utilization of the construction logisticsShare experiences with BPO system users
  • Coordination of all operations and resources
  • Optimisation of construction logistics through GPS tracking
  • The digitalisation of the paving process
  • Current status of the system development
  • New technological innovations in paving
  • Outlook on the development of the paving process after 4.0
  • Practical examples from paving


  • Benchmarking of your own construction operations and your state of digitalisation
  • Recognition of upcoming trends and identification of possible solutions
  • Digitalisation & BIM targeted paving
  • Timely preparation for the upcoming quality requirements

Target audience:

Specialists and executives from the construction industry, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, site managers, foremen, master installers as well as managers of raw material plants, mixing and weighing masters.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Technology Day must take place online.
  • The Potential for digitisation can finally be used with BPO.

    Uwe Strauss, Construction Manager

  • The BPO system is forward-thinking.

    Katrin Eichelberger, Cost Estimation

  • Interesting lectures and impressions.

    Ulrich Reinhardt, Senior Site Manager

  • The BPO Technology Day – a definite recommendation!

    Michael Veil, Construction Manager