Sharing experimentelles with BPO system users and introduction of new system functions.

The BPO Technology Day takes place in collaboration with our licensees and system users. The attendees gain the opportunity to catch up on the collected experiences with BPO and learn about the possibilities to optimise the processes in their company. On the BPO Technology Day we will introduce you to the partner companies DYNAPAC, RIB, or BOMAG and their new modules and functions. Guest lectures of our clients offer you a first glance into the daily routine on site and the current technological status.

Focus points:

  • Establishment of a consistent infra structure of construction and IT
  • Digitalisation of processes
  • Better coordination of all operations and resources
  • More efficient utilisation of the construction logistics


  • Share experiences with BPO system users
  • Coordination of all operations and resources
  • Optimisation of construction logistics through GPS tracking
  • Digitalisation of the paving process
  • Current status of the system development
  • New technological innovations in paving
  • Outlook on the development of the paving process after 4.0
  • Practical examples from paving


  • Benchmarking and location determination of the individual companies
  • Spotting new trends and offering possible solutions
  • Tips and tricks based on practical experiences
  • Reasonable preparations before the coming requirements of the BMVI

Target group:

Specialists and managers of all sectors of construction as well as managers, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, especially construction managers, foremen, paving specialists and directors, machine managers, mixing plant operators, masters of the weighing bridge, dispatcher and client representatives from the resources sector.

  • The Potential for digitisation can finally be used with BPO.

    Uwe Strauss, Construction Manager

  • The BPO system is forward-thinking.

    Katrin Eichelberger, Cost Estimation

  • Interesting lectures and impressions.

    Ulrich Reinhardt, Senior Site Manager

  • The BPO Technology Day – a definite recommendation!

    Michael Veil, Construction Manager