In our BPO webinar series, you will learn about the possibilities for optimizing your processes in the company and implementing BIM in a practical way through BPO. Each session will focus on a specific topic. You will learn how line construction sites or even complex small construction sites can be planned with BPO and how you can save costs through better work preparation and digitally accompanied construction execution. The 90-minute webinars can be easily integrated into day-to-day work and enable system users to immediately implement the knowledge they have learned in their own construction projects.

1. Webinar on 14.10.22: Optimize line construction sites

  • System modules: BPO Asphalt & BPO Lite
  • Save costs through better planning
  • Optimal planning of line construction sites
  • Construction scheduling and takt planning with BPO

2. Webinar on 21.10.22: Optimize small construction sites

  • System modules: BPO Asphalt & BPO Lite
  • Identify cost saving potentials
  • Optimal planning of point construction sites and inner-city sites
  • Doing logistics and takt planning with BPO

3. Webinar on 11.11.22: Optimize Construction & Paving

  • System modules: (BPO Asphalt) BPO Live App & BPO Lite App
  • Identify cost saving potentials
  • Control processes in real time
  • Material consumption, residual quantity, material inflow, GPS truck tracking

4. Webinar on 18.11.22: Optimize project management and disposition

  • Systemmodule: BPO INFRA
  • Identify cost saving potentials
  • Plan projects digitally and coordinate them in the multi-project view
  • Digitally map all civil engineering and road construction processes with BPO INFRA

5. Webinar on 25.11.22: Connecting the construction company

  • System modules: BPO INFRA, Synchronisation to BPO Asphalt
  • Create, reschedule and move projects and processes centrally
  • Allocate resources company-wide in multi-project view
  • Send assignments to foreman via BPO INFRA app, fill out daily construction reports

6. Webinar on 02.12.22: Digital requirements of ministries.

  • System modules: BPO Asphalt
  • Current and future federal and state requirements
  • Special features of QAA, QSBW and the Integrator App
  • Integrating digital systems such as thermography, FDVK and other seonsors

7. Webinar on 09.12.22: Project examples & benchmarking.

  • System modules: BPO ASPHALT, BPO LIte, BPO INFRA
  • Identify cost saving potentials
  • Presentation of successful projects
  • Challenges, difficulties and success stories


  • Tips & tricks for current projects
  • Reaching the next level in construction process optimization
  • Implementing digitization & BIM in a targeted manner
  • Benchmarking based on practical examples
  • Identify and clarify cost saving potentials

Target audience:

Specialists and managers from all areas of the construction industry such as managing directors, branch managers, commercial and technical managers of construction companies, project managers, in particular site managers, foremen, master builders, and from the area of raw materials operations such as managing directors, plant managers, mixing and weighing masters, schedulers.
  • The Potential for digitisation can finally be used with BPO.

    Uwe Strauss, Construction Manager

  • The BPO system is forward-thinking.

    Katrin Eichelberger, Cost Estimation

  • Interesting lectures and impressions.

    Ulrich Reinhardt, Senior Site Manager

  • The BPO Technology Day – a definite recommendation!

    Michael Veil, Construction Manager